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I do not remember anything about the ceremony of circumcision, I was not even a year old. About what it did to me, I only found out when I was older. I remember that I was so upset and offended by my mother, when I found out, that I did not talk to her for a very long time. I already knew by then that it was bad. We were told about this in school. I'm glad that today the operation is banned.&nbsp;<br> I myself could not do without the consequences - my stomach often hurts, and the doctor says that maybe it's because of circumcision. But I was lucky compared to my younger sister - she was constantly experiencing pain during urination and did not go to school for months. Everything was so bad that Mama herself decided not to do the operation to my other sisters. Series Name: Scars Copyright: © Asha Miles, Russian Federation, Shortlist, Professional, Current Affairs & News (Professional competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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