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Image Name: Four women select the oranges that are going to be exported to all of Europe. Series Name: La Terreta Series Description: Sergi Villanueva (Universidad Jaume I) "In my dialect, Valencian, there is a word that describes pride for the land where I belong: La Terreta. A feeling that surrounds us all, be part of La Terreta is to love our roots, the richness of our land, our culture, our people, our identity.Every time I go to La Terreta there is a sign that I see on the road that welcomes me home: the orange groves. That is why in this series I have focused on capturing daily life around the orange trees. From the farmers who plant and care for the trees to harvest the fruit, to the women who choose the oranges that will end up around the world. The orange tree is the essence of my land, it maintains the feeling of belonging and leaves the door open to future generations, spreading a message about the value of taking care of what nature gives us as a part of our identity."
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Fotograf / Quelle © Sergi Villanueva, Spain, Shortlist, Student, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards
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