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Image Name: Casoni Study 3.jpg Image Description: These fishing huts (Casoni) are built on stilts in the Venetian lagoon. The local fisherman use them to store their equipment in a safe place. I was completely transfixed by their colours and shapes, but even more by the space around them. I loved the ramshackle way the fisherman left their nets, tools and equipment lying around them, giving character and a narrative. The local government tried to have them dismantled in 2011 as they deemed them an eyesore. I shot this series in November 2017. The weather was perfect with no wind, the fog was thick enough to render a monochromatic feel to the scene whilst reducing the background to a blank canvas. This gave prominence to the subtle colours of the huts. I used exposures of around 30 seconds to further smooth the water without losing texture in the shadows. Series Name: Casoni
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Fotograf / Quelle © Rohan Reilly, Ireland, 2nd Place, Professional, Landscape (Professional competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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